In Focus: Dentro’s Deconstructed Designs

Delve inside the label’s beautifully back-to-front process

25 September ‘22

We’ve all dreamt about the cult handbags that take over 48 hours to craft, but, in reality, how much thought is given to that process? The finished result is what always get the inevitable swoons – and lengthy waiting lists. Yet next gen label, Dentro, is on a mission to change that. 

Based in France and founded by Isa Kauffman, who honed her skills at Prada and Bottega Veneta, Dentro’s ethos is articulated as ‘putting process at the same level as form’. Thus, celebrating the journey, not just the destination. 


Their bags are coveted for their inside out aesthetic, exposing what is meant to be hidden and heralding the beauty within. From delicate hanging threads – which would traditionally sit inside to hold straps in place and eventual be snipped off into the studio floor – that drape elegantly on the outside, to the usually hidden but now exposed foam that edges the bag and gives their boxy shapes a sensual, cloudy softness. 


These details are what makes Dentro’s limited designs so covetable right now. Italian-made using the finest Bordeaux and calf leather, each piece tells its own story, inviting the owner to discover something completely new in its construction.