Customer Care


 If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, please place a return request via your account or through this link:

This allows us to process your return request quickly and arrange collection of your item.

If you send us your item(s) without placing a return request through the correct form and receiving our approval to review the return request, we will be obliged to ship the item(s) back to you at your own expense and your return request will automatically be rejected.

Kindly ensure your items are returned in original condition. Returns that do not comply with our policy will not be accepted and will be sent back to you. All items should be returned in their original packaging in perfect condition.

Return items and all their packaging items should be unused, unaltered and in pristine condition with all tags attached. Returns that are damaged, soiled, used or returned without their original tags and packaging will not be accepted and will be shipped back to you at your own expense.

Most items can be returned within 14 days and the item must arrive at our warehouse within those 14 days. We advise returning within 7 days of receiving them to ensure they arrive at the Fabric of Society warehouse in the 14 day time frame.


However, there are exceptions (mentioned below):

For shoes, the return request must be placed within 7 days.


Customized and refurbished items cannot be returned or refunded.

Special order items cannot be returned or refunded.

Returns should be made from the location where they were received; in case you’re returning your shipment from a different location, please contact our Fabric of Society Customer care and place a request.

If you have any questions about the returns process or wish to inquire about the eligibility status of your order, please do contact us via telephone at +965 22390040 or drop us a line at


Shoes should be tried on a carpeted surface and be returned in their original condition. There shouldn’t be any damage to the sole of the shoe or the box of the shoe. Return requests for shoes must be placed within 7 days.


Damaged Goods

 If you receive a damaged item, you can return it for a full refund. On reception of a damaged item, please immediately contact our Fabric Of Society Customer Care immediately for assistance at, or call +965 22390040 the Fabric Of Society team will assess your request and will confirm to you whether or not the item can be considered a damaged item or whether or not it has been delivered to you damaged.

Fabric of Society has the final and conclusive say over this and is not liable to you in any way should Fabric of Society deem that the item is not damaged (or not damaged by Fabric of Society) and will not be liable to you in any way beyond refunding the value of the damaged item after it has been received back by in the Fabric of Society same condition it was shipped. Please include pictures of the damaged item when writing to us to help us solve the problem quickly.

Repeated Returns

We offer an easy return policy and monitor the number of returns made by customers. Accounts with recurrent returns will be flagged, denied requests or deactivated at Fabric of Society discretion.


Returns Process

 To initiate a return request, please place a return request via your account. To access the return request form, go to ‘Start a Return’ at the top of the menu on your account page.

All returns should be requested shipping the item(s) to us. This allows us to process the return request quickly. If you send us your items without placing a return request to us via email and receiving a confirmation that we can review your request, we are obliged to ship them back to you.

Your item(s) will be checked upon receipt by Fabric of Society team to ensure they meet our return conditions and you will be duly notified if the return request has been approved or denied.

You can determine the eligibility of your item(s) for return by contacting our customer service team via email or telephone at +965 22390040.The team will be able to inform you whether or not the item(s) are eligible for return or if the return period for the item has expired.

We are not responsible nor liable to you for any foreign exchange fees which our or your bank or any payment processor or third party charges you when placing or refunding an order on Fabric of Society website.

Return and Exchange 

Fabric of Society makes an effort to ship items to you as soon as possible. Therefore, Fabric of Society does not allow order cancellations. We only offer the ability to return an order after you have received it provided full compliance with the return policy.