A New Frontier: 032c

How a boundary-pushing culture magazine evolved into the cult streetwear brand it is today. Plus, their just-landed, sensual yet subversive collection is a masterclass in youthful tailoring

25th May, 2023

What began as the unassuming domain name 032c.com, has advanced into a multi-hyphenate global media company including a sell-out ready-to-wear collection that encompasses modernity and bold design. 032c is an institution, a media conglomerate made up of a magazine, an apparel brand and a
constant working engine for visual culture. Known for breaking boundaries, for provoking thought, all the while defining a creative space for its sought-after silhouettes and expressive, wearable staples.


Founded in Berlin by married dynamic duo Joerg and Maria Kock, 032c has gone on to reach cult status since its inception in 2001. Starting out as a cutting-edge magazine, the brand is best known for its cultural creativity and freedom to express imagination in whatever platform that may be. The first issue of the magazine featured a striking red square on the cover using the Pantone code 032c, and from there on in, 032c was born. With its slick design and avant-garde articles on the likes of Raf Simmons, Alaïa and
Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, the organic, evolving process of the magazine aided the move into the realm of apparel under the creative direction of Maria who had not only previously designed for Jil Sander but also worked as a consultant for Yeezy.

The clothing line acts as a stylistic supplement to the editorial aspect of the magazine, 032c understands the ability to think across all platforms drawing inspiration from multiple
disciplines such as art, music and culture. It delves into the questioning process of whether a design concept would communicate more efficiently as an article in a magazine or as an item of clothing. The ever-evolving boundaries between culture and style are constantly merging and being driven forward by its founders. Their debut runway show was first launched in 2018 in Italy, the collection featured Joerg and Maria’s take on workwear. The same year their ‘Cosmic Workshop’ collection launched which had powerful references to 90s rave culture.


Today, the collection is a progressive evolution of design, comprising of slick streetwear inspired pieces intended to be inherently wearable. With graphic hoodies, logo tees and unexpectedly plush puffers, the collection has been hailed for its bold staples and contemporary designs.
The  Logo Classic bomber jacket and Double Shift utility trousers perfectly juxtapose maximal utility with a minimalist aesthetic; cult pieces that are fast becoming mainstays of any up-to-date wardrobe. Proportions are experimented with extensively, such as the waist-accentuating Zipper Cropped jacket, a piece that demands a directional silhouette whilst simultaneously paying homage to Y2K influences.


With noticeable inspirations taken from youth subcultures as well as further contemporary subdivisions, 032c delves into its modern take on club wear, with a nod to the 90s combined with a more recognisable sheer trend that’s been seen on recent runways, the Gradient Open-Knit Top in this season’s lilac hue is sure to set the most hypebeast amongst us into a fashion frenzy. 032c’s contribution to contemporary culture has fully cemented its status as an influential presence in new wave designers today.

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