Published By's Engineered Design

Explore the sculptural, futuristic accessories that have just dropped from Austrian label, Published By.

21st June, 2023

Published By’s ambition is to re-evaluate conventional manufacturing processes and workings of the past and explore the use of futuristic 3D technologies. Founded in 2019, the Austrian studio investigates the art of 3D modelling using high-tech production methods. The result? Beautiful, highly sculptured accessories that provoke instant appreciation for the precise craftsmanship that went into creating such a striking, modern design.

Inspired by architectural form and modern art, Founder and Creative Director Christoph Tsetinis works alongside his partner Ruby Wallen who is Managing Director of the company. Together they work from their Vienna based studio using high-tech industries and the automotive industry muses for their designs. The materials used are often shredded car parts or recycled metal and the acute attention to detail that goes into each accessory can only be highly regarded. By choosing not to embrace bulk production, Christoph and Ruby are able to craft individual parts resulting in each accessory being seen as a work of art and beyond the typical limitations of more traditional manufacturing processes.

With unconstrained creative boundaries when it comes to production, Published By are committed to reducing waste and to work with sustainable production practices which appeals to their eco-conscious customer. Unique parts and materials are able to be crafted within a minimal time frame creating forward-thinking, innovative designs. Having begun his career as a carpenter, Christoph uses his expert, artesian skills to create the striking, sculptured bags, each with an iconic dented and molten finish. The label has a strong emphasis on collaboration; bringing together all ends of the spectrum of creative talent in one place, from photography to art, to street culture and beyond. The curiosity of state-of-the-art technology merging with traditional craftsmanship is what makes the label unique, the one-of-a kind detailing forms accessories that result in futuristic shapes, individualism and sculptural genius.



The bags themselves are as much of a statement as they are a wearable piece. Unexpected twists such as striking chrome architectural straps and chain details make for a strong focus on modernity.  A notable piece in the collection is the Ruby’s Lost Stone Chrome bag, which features an organic shape of moulded chrome; an art form itself. The leather rope strap allows the bag to
be multifunctional; used as a hand-held object or worn across the body. Although inspired by French and Italian craftmanship when it comes to making bags, Published By accessories are devoid of any branding typically seen within the luxury bag sector, the lack of need to prioritise an eye-catching label in their designs only add to their stylistic nature.



With their bold innovations and directional creations, Published By is paving the way for new generations of designers pioneering into technological advances in the custom of design.