Hala Abdallah talks tailoring

Global style personality, model and jewellery brand founder, Hala Abdallah, shares her tailoring tips for Autumn/ Winter ’22.

16th October, 2022

Known simply as ‘The Hala’, Hala Abdallah has amassed an Instagram following of over two and a half million, is the go-to beauty for looks that women truly want to wear – her outfits celebrating curves and comfort as much as flawless style, and, did we mention, she is the founder of addictive jewellery brand OFA Official? Fresh from our new shoot, Hala sat down with Fabric of Society to discuss the season’s new take on tailoring and how she’s approaching sartorial style with authenticity.

Fabric of Society: Hi Hala, great to see you. We'd love to know more about how you have approached tailoring this season, is there a unique edge you like to bring to it?


Hala: This season I definitely think some of the collections have felt more free, more expressive in general. Tailoring is one of those areas where I really appreciate luxury brands, rather than fast fashion. I feel tailored pieces show the curves of the body in the best and classiest way. 


It’s certainly something I grown to appreciate with time. Before, tailoring was so focused on men, a man’s suit adjusted for women, or elements of men’s tailoring translated onto clothing for us, but now it’s moved beyond the suit – well tailored dresses are key to so many great collections, and it’s simple and elegant. I don’t believe you have to change everything each time – designers seem to know now what they do right and really well. 

FoS: Do you have any style rules when it comes to making tailoring more personal to you?


Hala: Definitely. I always need to feel like me whatever I wear. If it’s a suit or tailoring, I’ll wear it with something more relaxed and less structured. Or if the top is super structured, I’ll contrast it with a pieces that's more flowy. But I do also enjoy a full tailored look for the right occasion – there’s something so powerful in that. A bit of drama! 


Secondly, be true to yourself. I see everyone doing the suit and sneakers combination, but for me I'm a fan of heels, not just with tailoring but in general. 

FoS: Do you have a go to silhouette?


Hala: For me it’s all about the cut. I like all types but if it is a unique cut with very unique elements then I might go for it in black or white, something neutral so that you can wear it over and over again – literally you can wear them forever. We need to be mindful of getting enough wear out of what we buy, too.


FoS: You have your own brand, OFA jewellery. How do you incorporate your pieces into tailored looks?


Hala: Tailoring is often focused around the neckline, so with that in mind I will leave a necklace out. Instead, I’ll go big on the earrings, but also remember the important rule 'less is more'. So again, being minimalist with one item on my wrist rather than a whole stack of bracelets. My own collection is very easy to wear – it’s more focused on daily pieces, with a modern twist. 

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