The Fashion Interview With Amar Sibai

The Lebanese tastemaker shares her Ramadan style tips and how she will be marking the special time.

10th March, 2024

Hot off the back of Fashion Month, influencer Amar Sibai, who hails from Lebanon, spoke to us about her exciting plans for Ramadan and Eid. Revealing what she'll be wearing, who she will be spending time with and what it means to her.

FoS: Where will you celebrate Eid this year? And who will you be with?


Amar: I hope to be spending it in Oman with all of my family.


FoS: What are your favourite moments about Ramadan?


Amar: The way Ramadan makes me feel. It's a time to restart, to detox and take a moment to appreciate the blessings that I have.


FoS: What are you most looking forward to? And what will you be wearing?


Amar: I am really looking forward to all the ftours and sahoor with my friends and family. As for what I will be wearing, I’ll be dressing up in a lot in super silky dresses and shiny heels – I know that for sure!


FoS: How does your style evolve and shift during this period?


Amar: I feel my most feminine during this period, as it’s also a very sacred time to embrace one’s self and mental health and well-being. As well as respecting one’s body.

I am more intertwined with my religion too, so I choose to dress more modestly and embrace the Arab woman that I am more so than perhaps in other months.


FoS: How do you mark the occasion through your fashion choices?


Amar: If there is a abaya or jalabiya involved, best believe I intend on dressing for the occasion! I'll also opt for a statement accessory, as our Arab heritage carries quite a lot of glitz and glamour. Everything is shiny and everything shimmery is welcomed.


FoS: Please can you share your style tips for Eid?


Amar: Look within. Representing your culture and traditions with a mix of modernism is the best tip you can get for looking your most unique self during Eid.