The Fashion Interview with Hala Abdallah

The ultimate style maven talks to Fabric of Society about timeless trends, the key to comfort and why she favours brands who are unique

4th November, 2022

Hala Abdallah is always a refreshing fashion face to speak to. Yes, she is courted by the world’s most prestigious fashion, jewellery and beauty houses, but she is also a woman who knows precisely what she likes… and doesn’t. Her honest take on brands who don’t cater for real bodies and those with curves is what has amassed her a loyal following and industry respect. 


Fabric of Society sat down with Hala to discuss personal style, outfit inspiration and why she feels brand values are more pertinent than ever.

Fabric of Society: Hi Hala, great to chat to you today. How would you describe your personal style?


Hala: It’s hard to define my style. I’m lucky enough to work with a lot of brands and sometimes I’ll be dressed in an outfit that I think is so not my style. But then I’ll wear it and love it! Realistically though, day to day, I like to balance style and comfort. I want to be comfortable all day. Who doesn’t?


It's also important to not forget that if you dip your toe into too many trends, you forget who you are. I remember I went through a faze of wanting everything. I had to buy a new house to fit all my clothing in it! But then I looked at it all and thought ‘who am i?’. Outfits are so powerful in doing the talking for you, projecting who you are. So now I try to be more aware of what really feels like me. 

FoS: Do you have set looks and item you go back to time and time again?


Hala: Yes, I have a core collection, some pieces are so well worn they are hanging by a thread, they are crying out to be left alone – but I love them! And then there are a few items that are crying out to be worn. Things I love but I know it hasn’t been the right time yet. 


FoS: Have you ever made any fashion mistakes?


Hala: I have shoes which I will never wear! I decided a while ago to only buy those that are comfortable. It’s a shame because you’ll see some of the really big brands create shoes that are just not comfortable for women. I think they really need to change the way they think and how they design for women. Why can’t we be comfortable too?


FoS: What makes you personally fall in love with a brand? 


Hala:  I like those who pay attention to the feminine shape. Who don’t just create pieces that are unrealistic in terms of size and fit. We’re not all one mould and I respect brands who recognise this.  


I also love a brand who have a great story. I’ll always read a lot into a label's story to know what they support, whether they are sustainable, how they look after their employees. There’s so many brands now that we really have to educate ourselves. 

FoS: Looking now towards winter trends, do you have any favourites?


Hala: I loved the midi dresses that a lot of brands did. Things that felt feminine and sometimes silky and moved beautifully. There was a real celebration of the body which I loved – it felt refreshing.


FoS: Did your style of dressing change at all during the pandemic?


Hala: I definitely went more relaxed. I know some people dressed up just as much because they missed it, but not me. It was actually a time when I discovered more with what my own style was. What worked for my lifestyle and what my identity was. It definitely changes how I wore pieces, making them more relaxed rather than an all-out ‘look’.

FoS: Beyond that fashion world and fashion weeks, what else inspires your style?

Hala: Travel, definitely. I love how people wear things different depending on the city you’re in – Barcelona is a favourite of mine. I love European cities. If I think about the fashion weeks, London is where I see the most exciting things happen. 

And I also love looking back at old vintage shoots – they’re such a great reference and so many of those trends are coming back around again. This is probably why I never get rid of anything. Often you’ll find and old piece and discover a completely fresh way to style it. It’s good to hide pieces sometimes and then revisit them.