The Fashion Interview With Nazly Firas

With her flawless style and experimental attitude, Nazly Firas reveals her most coveted fall trends and what she'll be wearing on the FROW.

25th September, 2023

Nazly Firas perfectly encapsulated the Fabric of Society aesthetic. Effortlessly experimenting with the next-gen brands, she’s never afraid to try something new yet always looks perfectly relaxed and well, effortless. This Fashion Month – which sees Nazly travel from show to show as part of her fashion-packed schedule – we spoke to the tastemaker as she packed her front row essentials. She reveals her favourite trends of the season, new designers to watch and what she will be buying to see her through fall and beyond. If you’re looking to update your A/W23 wardrobe, then read this essential style guide first.

Fabric of Society: Hi Nazly, thanks for finding the time to speak to us today, especially during the whirlwinds that is Fashion Month. Firstly, we'd love to know how you would describe your personal style?


Nazly: I love to create a personality through my looks. I would say my style would be seen as edgy and quite experimental to some. But I don’t have a set style, as I love to discover myself and see myself in different outfits. But I think it's safe to say you'll either find me in a super 'extra' outfit or simply chilling in sweats, there’s really no in between!

Fabric of Society: What styles and trends are you most excited about for A/W23?


Nazly: I’m super excited for the return of the classic black coat. I love the mystery of wearing something super flattering and body fitting under a big black coat that keeps you wondering “what is she wearing under that?”. I’m also thrilled about the comeback of the hourglass trend. I genuinely believe that women in the Middle East have the most beautiful hourglass bodies and I know the outfits are going to be beautiful.


Fabric of Society: What are the key pieces you are investing in for the Autumn months?


Nazly: There are so many that it’s too hard to choose! I definitely want to invest in some leather pieces. A black coat or jacket that I can wear for years to come. And as much as I adore the mini bag trend, I am taken by some of the oversized shoppers that are out there. They’re ideal for my day-to-day use. Talk about running your errands in style!


Fabric of Society: How does street style and the more contemporary brands influence the way you dress?


Nazly: I absolutely love how street style and contemporary brands allow you to be effortlessly stylish. You don’t need to try that hard yet you’re guaranteed to receive compliments as soon as you walk out the door. I love the sets and the ease of being able to put an outfit together.  Also, I love how much we’ve normalised that sneakers are cool and stylish to wear… about time!


Fabric of Society: How has your personal style changed as consumers have become more individual and bolder in their choices within the GCC?


Nazly: I really enjoy seeing how much bolder we have become in the GCC. My style has definitely changed in the sense of being able to be more myself when I dress now. Personally, I love adding pieces that are a little bit individual and that you don’t see often.


Fabric of Society: Will you be attending any fashion week shows this season?


Nazly: Hopefully I’ll be attending both MFW and PFW! I’m super excited to go. Fashion week is always so fun! I am most excited about the Diesel show, it was incredible last season and I was blessed enough to be able to attend. I cant wait to be in Paris too. It has a special space in my heart as I attended my first fashion week there, back in 2019.


Fabric of Society: What are your go-to pieces when you’re packing for fashion week?


Honestly, Fashion week is an excuse to fog or it and pack my edgiest pieces. Nothing is too much
during Fashion Week. Be as extra as you’d like, I say. I’ll be opting for dresses in bold colours and lots of statement pieces.